Men Suits: How Much Do You Know About Custom Suits

Men Suits:  How Much Do You Know About Custom Suits? this is the first article I resubmitted in this blog from partners in the cyber world.  According to sex and age of the wearer, the suit can ided into men suits, women suits and boy suit three categories.

Classification by wearing occasions

men suits For Men-MatthewAperry
men suits For Men-MatthewAperry

Wearing occasions, the suit can be divided into two kinds of dress and casual wear. The dress fabric is wool, black, the lower part of the body to be equipped with black shoes, black socks, white shirt, black bow tie. Casual divided into casual and formal wear. Are people usually wear dress. Suits generally dark color, wool (including 70%), hair on the lower part of the body must be the same color, the same material, good workmanship.

Classified according to the suit and the number o

Divided by the number of pieces of the suit, sub-one-piece suits, two-piece suits, three-piece suit. The suit worn by business men in formal business dealings suits to wear three-piece suits better to participate in high-level business activities.

Casual, one-piece suit, that is a matching suit jacket and pants not only suitable for informal occasions.

Suits, jacket and pants sets, the same fabric, color, style, style echo each other. Typically, the suits, two-piece and three-piece. Two-piece including a coat and pants, three-piece including a clothing, pants and a vest. According to the traditional view, the three-piece suit the more formal than the two-piece suit. Generally participate in the high level of external activities, so wear. Wear a single-breasted suits, it should tie narrow some belt; wear double-breasted suits, the bar slightly wider belt is more appropriate. To the 21st century, the women’s three-piece has developed into a suit, vest, skirt, not obvious change with the seasons, shorts often instead of the location of the trousers.

Men Suits Classified according to the suit coat buttons arranged

Divided blazer buttons arranged, single-breasted suit jacket with double-breasted suit jacket.

Single-breasted suit jacket, the most common one button, two buttons, three buttons three. A button, three-button single-breasted suit jacket to wear more fashionable, while the two-button single-breasted jackets is much more informal some. Men often wear a single-breasted suit style with two buckles, flat collar, high-lapel, rounded hem paragraph.

Double-breasted jackets, two buttons, four buttons, six buttons and three of the most common. Two buttons six button double-breasted suit jacket belonging to the popular style, four button double-breasted suit jacket is obviously in a traditional style. The men often wear double-breasted suit is six buckle, gun collar, hem side angle models.

Men suits As for the suit after piece slits divided into single slits, double slits and not slits, single-breasted suit can choose one of three double-breasted suit can only select double slits or without slits.

Classified by type of version

The so-called type version, is the appearance of the contour of the suit. Strictly speaking, the suit has four basic types:

The first version of the type, the European version of the suit. European board suit is actually in continental Europe, such as Italy, France popular. Overall, they call the European version of the suit.

The second version of the type, the British version of the suit. It is a variant of the European version. It is single-breasted, but the collar is relatively narrow, and the Anglo – Saxons main ethnic. Anglo – Saxons face shape is long, so they suit collar wide, is relatively long and narrow. The British version of the suit, three buttons majority, the basic outline is also down the ladder.

The third version of the type , the U.S. version of the suit. Is the U.S. version of the suit, the basic outline of the characteristics of the American version of the suit is. Baggy, wear suitable for casual occasions. U.S. version of the custom suit stly ingle-piece, are generally casual style. Americans generally dress features can be summarized in two words, is to undress pants. Emphasis on comfort, casual, American characteristics.

The fourth version of the type, the Japanese version of the suit. This men suits, the basic outline of the Japanese version of the suit is the H-type. It is suitable for Asian men of stature, broad shoulders, no waist. In general, it is more than the single-breasted coat slits.

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