When You on Travelling


Allahu Akbar  X 3.Subhaanaladzi  Sakhara  Lanna  Haadzaa  Wamaa  Kunnaa  Laahuu  Muqriniin. Wa  Inna  Ilaa  Rabbinnaa  Lamunqalibuun. Allaahumma  Innaa  Nas  Aluka  Fii  Safarinaa  Haadza. Albirra  Wattaqwaa,Waminal  ‘Amali  Maa Tardho.
Allaahumma  Hawwin’alainaa  Safaranaa  Haadza. Wathwi’annaa  Bu’dah, Allaahumma  Antas  Shaahibu  Fissafari  Wal  Khallifatu   Fil  Ahli.  Allaahumma  Inni  A’uudzubika  Min  Wa’tsaais  Safari  Waka  ‘Aabatil  Manzhori’  Wassuu  Limunqalabi  Fil  Maali  Wal Ahli.


Meaning: In the name of GOD the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. GOD is great X3. Glory to GOD wrote our grant and take advantage of the ability of this aircraft, are we alone without pertolongaMU unable to master it. In fact only to you, we’ll be back. Oh GOD, .. we beg you, bestowed us in this journey, virtue, faith and business ridhoi YOU. Well GOD, .. Ease this journey and perpendeklah distance. Oh GOD ,…. YOU is a friend in the travel and protection for us. Well GOD I / we take refuge in You from the difficulties trip, gloom and disaster views, concerns and family treasures. (DOA of PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW)