Kuliner Solo

Timlo Sastro Solo

Timlo Sasro 2 is located on the street dr.Wahidin30 (Ruko tugu Lilin Penumping A5) Solo, open starting at 06.30 – 22.00. It was … Delicious, uenaak tenan! 🙂 Location: View Timlo Sastro – Solo in a larger map Incoming search terms: resep timlo solo sastro – Jika artikel ini bermanfaat, silakan klik icon sharing di […]

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Nasi Liwet – Solo

Nasi Liwet in each region has its own flavor. Typical dish of rice with a chicken with coconut milk, it is named suwir. Nasi Liwet good in the city of Solo, I found at Jl. Kebprabon. Create a’ve ever visited, what about  visiting to you and your family? Ueenak, kan? 🙂 Location: View Nasi Liwet […]

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