One of advantage Google Maps

The plane had just landed on its wheels on the runway Lanud … On an island laskar pelangi birth. Praise the landing can be done well, all the passengers without a cue such as simultaneous deep breath in relief. Bad habits we can see, then, is some passengers pulled out cell phone and turned it on, which should be forbidden to lit up the passengers off and was in the airport building. The aircraft was parked at his place. I went down to the building to retrieve their baggage.

While waiting for luggage, I turned on the phone is still dead. I opened the Google Maps application, to know where my position on this island. With the existing features, I can see where I spend the same position later. Incidentally a friend had menginfokannya before leaving. It turned out that another advantage of mobile maps is provided free by Google. Earlier, a friend who had forth during Lebaran, recalled feeling very helpful with the software. He could find the nearest town could be achieved by predicting the distance and time before breaking the fast arrival.
“It’s really amazing is the Google Maps application!” He said.

To get this application, download directly from your phone’s browser, Got any interesting experiences with Google Maps? Yuk, sharing in the comments of this article