Serabi Notosuman Solo

Typical pancake made of Solo, can be enjoyed at Jl. Notosuman. Yes, this Serabi has delicious taste is available with a variety of flavors. Do not miss this one cuisine when visiting the city of batik in Indonesia, Solo 😉 Incoming search terms: serabi notosuman di jakarta -serabi notosuman -serabi solo notosuman di jakarta -serabi […]

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Bebek Goreng H. Slamet Raharjo Solo

Jl. Sedahromo Lor RT 01/VII Kartasura Solo Telp 0271-781597 JWB, http://bharata75.wordpress.com Incoming search terms: bebek goreng haji slamet solo -bebek goreng h slamet solo -bebek goreng pak slamet solo -nomor telepon bebek slamet palembang -alamat bebek slamet samarinda -bebek slamet samarinda -alamat ayam goreng pak slamet samarinda -bebek slamet joglo -no telp bebek haji slamet […]

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Kuliner Pecel Mbo Sador Semarang

You are Pecel fans .. , there are  a culinary could be visited in the city of Semarang. Located at the corner intersection of five Semarang. Near tugu Pancasila. Open from 18:00 AM until the evening. .  This is where the unique, delicious taste .. Uenake Pool 😉 Location: View Kuliner Semarang – Pecel Mba […]

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