PrimajasaTour at Bandung Supermall

PrimajasaTour at Bandung Supermall 022 – 910 1620 – One Call Service – Airline Ticket + Primajasa Limousine – Hotel Reservation – International & Domestic Tour – Travel Document (Passport, Visa) – Travel Insurance

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From Mecca toward to Arafah

View Larger Map jamaah haji yang datang dari seluruh penjuru dunia mulai meninggalkan kota mekkah menuju Arafah. Bagaimana tampilan kota mekkah jika dilihat dari Google Maps melalui blog ini? Subhannallah …

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Doa to Reach Glory

Doa is an expression of human petition to God in daily life, in conducting its activities. Pray to Me, will answer you. Pray to God, my brother, is a very important case and at the same time noble. People who diligently pray to God that does not mean he was a man who despised and […]

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