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Doa to Reach Glory

Doa is an expression of human petition to God in daily life, in conducting its activities. Pray to Me, will answer you. Pray to God, my brother, is a very important case and at the same time noble. People who diligently pray to God that does not mean he was a man who despised and […]

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Doa starting to study

Allahumma inni as aluka rizqan toyyiba wa ilmannaafi a wa amalan maqbuula Robbi zidni ilman warzukni fahmaa..

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Doa thanks to God

When I am on duty in an islandĀ  the Indonesian ocean, in the court of the mosque a written board : Robbi au zi’ni an asykuro nikmatallatii an amta ‘alayya wa ‘alla waa li dayya wa an a’mala shoolihan tardhoohu wa ad khilnii birohmatika fi ibadikas shoolihin – small notes from mesjid Al Ikhsan Tanjung […]

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